Different Thigh Chains That Would Show Your Classy Self

Different Thigh Chains That Would Show Your Classy Self

Have you heard of a thigh chain? Confused as to what it is or how to style it so that it makes you look classy and sexy? Well, worry no more. We are here to help. Thigh chains are an increasingly popular piece of body jewelry adorned by women all over the world. Thigh chains are another version of leg jewelry which have been around for centuries. Other commonly worn forms of body jewelry worn on the leg are anklets. As with every kind of jewelry, leg chains also symbolize different things in different cultures. For example, in Indian culture, anklets are worn by married women; in certain other cultures, wives of rich men wore gold chains, while those belonging to economically weaker sections wore silver or artificial chains and anklets. 

What are thigh chains? 

A thigh body chain is a form of women's jewelry that is classified as body jewelry. Other forms of body jewelry include belly waist chain, anklets, waist thigh chain, and other types of custom-made chain. Thigh chain jewelry has been present for several hundred years, and people across cultures have worn it in different ways.

In the dynamic world of fashion, old fashion styles constantly take the place of new ones or reappear in new forms. New styles get old and old styles come back. Thigh chains, which were worn centuries ago, have made a comeback and are quickly becoming an extremely popular accessory. Today’s fashion is all about accessorizing to give your outfits a new and fresh look or to make them dressier to suit a more formal occasion. While people love fashion and looking their best, they do not always have the time to change multiple outfits. Accessories afford the opportunity to change your outfit from workwear to partywear with a simple change of accessories and add-ons. 

Classy Thigh Chain Options 

Seeing the demand for the product, there are a huge number of thigh chain options available in the market to suit everyone’s needs and requirements. Whatever occasion you are looking to wear a thigh chain for, there are several options available both in the market as well as online in e-commerce stores that are sure to meet your needs. If you are not familiar with the different styles of thigh chains available, surfing the net is one of the best options to understand the different kinds of chains available and which is suitable for which occasion.

Thigh chains can be either fully made of chains, or they can be a mix of chain and leather/leatherette. Some chains are tied around the thigh, while others are tied around the waist and go down to your thighs like the waist thigh chains. Additionally, thigh chains are available in many designs. Whether you are looking for a more bold design or a simple single chain, or you want a multiple falling chains design or one with chains and charms, there are multiple options, and all of them look equally amazing. You can also match your thigh chain with other accessories like bracelets, neckpieces, and more. To be more quirky, they can also be worn over skin-fit jeans. 

  1. Worn around the waist: Some thigh chains can be worn around the waist and a part of it hangs around the thigh, which is often visible through the slit of a long skirt or through a short skirt. 
  2. Worn around the thigh itself: Some thigh chains can be fastened around the thigh. These are short in length and are tightly wound around the thigh, so that they don’t slide and fall.  

How to style a thigh chain?

There are a few different ways to style a thigh body chain. However, some of the most common ways to wear a thigh body chain are with a high slit dress or gown or with shorts. If you are wearing a high-slit dress, skirt, or ball gown, a thigh chain is an amazing accessory. Similarly, a high low dress or skirt or an uneven cut dress or skirt also go extremely well with body jewelry. On the other hand, if you are wearing something casual like shorts but want to jazz it up to look dressier, thigh chain jewelry is again a great body accessory. This piece of women jewelry is a great way to go from a simple outfit to a fancy one in a matter of seconds. It is also a very quick and easy way to give your outfits a fresher and more classy look and perhaps to reuse your outfits by making them look different.

One very simple way to add variety to your thigh chain is by adding removable charms or by getting a custom-made chain, especially one which can be modified as per your requirements. 

If you are someone who likes to keep up with the latest fashion trends, or are a fashion influencer on Instagram but have not tried this piece of women’s fashion yet, then you need to try it straight away. Thigh chains are quickly becoming popular, and everyone who is interested in fashion or considers themselves a fashionista needs to keep up with trends. Get your hands on one of these body chains and try out different looks and styles, and give your wardrobe a new twist. It is always fun trying out new styles and playing with your looks, and undoubtedly a thigh chain is a new way of doing that.